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Postural assessment

Postural assessment

Posture is the form of your body, which is made up with proper positioning of bones, joints, and muscles. Posture gives you a shape and defines your personality. However, if there are certain defects in the posture, it affects your health in many ways.
Poor posture results from certain muscles tightening and shortening while others become loose and weak which occurs as a result of daily and occupational activities, biomechanical and psychological factors such as stress.
Proper posture helps you in different ways:

   - Decreases pain and discomfort by reducing strain and stress on your body
   - Helps you to do your daily activities more efficiently with fewer degrees of fatigue
   - Decrease stress level and depression
   - Decreases risk of fall
   - You look good and younger

The first step to breaking old poor postural habits is educating yourself about a proper posture.
Postural assessment performed by our specialist provides you with accurate information regarding the status of your spine alignment and muscle strength. Through postural analysis, we determine which area of your body are under stress and what causes it.
We always have a plan to improve your posture.

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set of exercises prescribed by a healthcare professional, such as a physical therapist or doctor, to be done at home to help treat and manage various medical conditions, injuries or movement disorders. HEPs are developed based on the individual's goals, abilities, and medical history, and may include a variety of exercises such as stretching, strengthening, balance, and cardiovascular activities.

Benefits of a Home Exercise Program:

1. Convenience: HEPs can be done in the comfort and privacy of one's own home, without the need for travel to a gym or rehabilitation center.

2. Cost-effective: HEPs are usually less costly compared to attending regular physical therapy or gym sessions.

3. Improved health outcomes: Following a HEP has been shown to improve physical function, reduce pain, and improve overall quality of life.

4. Personalization: HEPs can be customized to an individual's unique condition, level of fitness, and personal goals.

5. Motivation: HEPs are designed to be manageable for the individual, which can help them stay motivated and committed to their healthcare goals.


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