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physiotherapy in Richmond Hill

physiotherapy in richmond hill

   Our clinic we have a lot ot treatment in physiotherapy , as Spinal traction or spinal decompression means the same. A specific force used by your physiotherapist to gently separate the vertebrae which are on the way to treatment in physiotherapy. This relieves the pressure on the discs and facet joints. Traction also takes the pressure of nerves and relieves spasm in the spinal muscles. Releasing off the pressure of the inflamed nerves and soft tissues allows the inflammation to subside. Taking off the pressure "even for a short period of time" allows fluidand nutrients to the discs and joints which in turn helps in healing processand rehydration. Repeating the treatment perpetuate the effect. Computerized systems helps physiotherapists apply higher and accurate levels of traction force and also program the traction cycle and the rest in between. During treatment, you do not feel pain and in fact, you may feel relief even after the first session of treatment. Using the other therapeutic systems like Infra Red and Ultrasound can help disks, joints, muscles and soft tissues be more flexible and make a better result. Spinal traction is a form of decompression therapy that relieves pressure on the stool. Spinal traction stretches the spine to take compressed disks, this straightens the spine, and improves the body's ability to heal itself. Patients with spinal conditions benefit from this therapy because traction reverses the force of gravity.We are in richmondhill Following conditions get the most benefit from decompression traction.

    Degenerative Joint and Disc Disease
    Slipped Discs
    Herniated Disc
    Foraminic Stenosis
    Facet Joint Disease
    Neck And Back Muscle Spasm
    Mechanical Pain And ....
    Decompression Traction Is Not Suitable For Every One. Ask our physiotherapist if it is for you  

  - Nerve Root compression
  - Disc Bulging, Protrusion, and Herniation that responded with reduced pain to manual traction
  - Spinal Stenosis
  -Pinched Nerves
  - Mechanical Neck and Lower Back Pain
  - Spasm
  - Degenerative Joint Disease (Osteoarthrits)

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