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physiotherapy in vaughan

physiotherapy in vaughan

physiotherapy in vaughan

Compression Therapy is a service of our services in physiotherapy in vaughan

Compression therapy in physiotrust that is physiotherapy in vaughan unit consists of an inflatable garment that is worn like a pair of pans. Using a pneumatic "air" pressure, the Compression treatment unit applies a strong pressure to the muscles and the venous system of the limbs sequentially and with the heart's direction, which helps prevent fluid and blood from pooling.
 - Compression therapy unit also push back and return the fluid into the veins and lymphatic vessels.
 - Compression therapy unit The massage extends from the fingers and toes and comes step by step up to the upper parts of the limb.
 - Compression therapy reduces heart contraction by helping the blood to turn it back to the heart.

Circulation Therapy

The Circulatory System or Cardiovascular System, including Heart and the vessels, is responsible for circulating blood to all body organs. Blood brings the nutrients and oxygen to the organs and collect CO2 and the waist product. The heart pumps the blood to the body organs through the arteries, and peripheral muscles help pump the blood back to the heart through the veins. Many different factors such as aging, smoking, alcohol consumption, diabetes mellitus, high cholesterol, varicose veins, lack of exercise, muscle weakness and deconditioning, and so on, can reduce blood flow and / or venous return. of the target organs. Some of the common symptoms are:
 - Cold feet and toes-not just in the winter time,
 - Cold hands and fingers, - Cold
 hands and fingers, - Feeling numb and / or tingling sensation in the end of the extremities,
 - Edema, Swelling and water retention, especially in the feet.


Best rervices in physiotherapy in vaughan

To reduce the symptoms and improve circulation, we recommend circulating therapy including IBW (Infra Red Body Wrap) and Compression therapy. Using both Infra Red Body Wrap and Compression Therapy at the same treatment session will help your limb to have more blood thus more nutrient and oxygen while preventing swelling and edema.


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