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Proper lying, sitting and standing position

Proper lying, sitting and standing position

Proper lying, sitting and standing position:
A good position helps you to decrease the stress on muscles, ligaments and joints.
1.    Lying resting position:
The best position of lying is side lying while your knees are bent. A pillow should be between the knees to take the stress and pressure from the hips and lower back off. Another pillow would be between the shoulder and the head. One more pillow in front of your chest and rest your arm on it.
2.    Sitting resting position:
Sit on a firm sofa or armchair (not a soft one), while your hips and knees are 90 degrees bent and ankles are in neutral position. It is always good to have your arms on armrests to keep your shoulder blades in neutral position. Avoid leaning backward and avoid using pillow in your lower back curvature in sitting position.
3.    Standing position:
If you must stand for a long period of time, try to put all the weight of one foot while the other is on a curb or footrest. if there is not any curb or footrest available, put one leg a bit forward while you are still keeping your back straight. It will be great if you have somewhere to put your hands on at chest level.

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