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Tennis Elbow / Treatment

Tennis Elbow / Treatment

Hello everyone,
Last session we talked about tennis elbow and its causes. Today we will talk more about the treatment and how we address this issue. 
Remember from our last session that tennis elbow is an inflammation in the tendons in the outer part of the elbow. To understand the treatment, we should know what the goals of the treatment are. 
In the early stage the main goals are: 
- decreasing the inflammation, 
- putting the tendons in resting position, which is different in different tendons, 
- and maintaining the movements and the strength of the muscle. 
To do that, 
- we need to wear a specific splint during the day and night. However, it must be on and off to take care of our skin, ice, and exercise. 
- We must avoid vigorous activities
- Ice for 20 minutes 2 to 3 times a day
- Avoid strong grasps and strong pinching 
- Mild and gentle superficial massage, 
- Mild stretching of the inflamed tendons. Refer to our website for more information on Extensor Stretching Exercises for the wrist
- Modify all the activities that affects the tendon and causes pain. Talk to your physiotherapist for further instructions. 
- Eccentric exercises. Refer to our website for more information.
In chronic condition however, you might need more intervention. Physiotherapy can help you in chronic condition. Shock Wave Therapy is one of the best treatments that can help to address this condition:  
- SWT breaks down the adhesion and breaks up the existing calcification 
- It helps restore normal healing and regenerative processes
- SWT accelerates procollagen synthesis which is necessary for producing enough collagen to repair the damaged tendons and ligaments. 
- SWT also relieves pain by dispersion of the pain mediator
- Deep friction massage would also be helpful
- Eccentric exercises with heavier objects compare to acute condition 
- Activity modifications such as: 
1. using both hands in doing tasks to reduce pressure, 
2. stretching and warming up before doing the job
3. applying ice after doing the job 
4. avoiding any repetitive sustained activities
5. increasing the girth of the handles of equipment
If you are a tennis player, you should do some modification as well such as:
1. Use a lighter ball
2. Use a lighter racket 
3. Use a larger racket head
4. increase the diameter of the racket handle
if you need more information, give us a call us, 
Stay safe,  

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