Some advice for patients with whiplash injury

Consult with your doctor(physiotherapy in Thornhill) to rule out any potential spinal fracture, spinal cord injury, and brain injury:

-    Consult with your doctor to rule out any potential spinal fracture, spinal cord injury and brain injury.
-    Control your pain by taking prescribed pain killers or speak with your physiotherapist.
-    Wear cervical collar that is prescribed by your physician or physiotherapist
-    Do your prescribed exercises routinely and in a pain free range
-    Remove your cervical collar while doing exercises
-    Apply ice for the first 2 days, behind your neck and around shoulder, but not on the front part of your neck
-    You do not need complete rest, so try to be active as much as possible but do not tire yourself out and do not do any vigorous activities
-    Avoid all overhead activities and vigorous exercises
-    Be aware of your posture and try to keep it proper
-    Use appropriate pillows to be as comfortable as possible
-    Contact your physician if you feel any of the following:
        Dizziness with or without vomiting /nausea
        Diplopia (Vision problem)
        Dysphonia (Voice disorder)
        Dysphasia (language disorder)
        Dysphagia (Swallowing problem)

Lifestyle modification in people with Respiratory disease:
-    Quit smoking
-    Avoid or decrease vigorous activities
-    Avoid allergens
-    Pacing daily living activities
-    Learn energy conversation techniques
-    Incorporate breathing exercises and pursed lip breathing on a daily basis
-    Keep doing careful aerobic exercises

what must be done to overcome shortness of breath:
1.    Stop activities
2.    Take a relaxed position:
                    Foot contact with floor
                    Sitting on a chair
                    Pillow on legs
                    Support forearms on pillow
                    Lean forward and relax shoulders

3.    Perform pursed lip breathing:
Breath in through the nose with the count of 2 and breath out slowly through the pursed lip with the count of 4