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Some advice for patients with whiplash injury

Some advice for patients with whiplash injury

Consult with your doctor(physiotherapy in Thornhill) to rule out any potential spinal fracture, spinal cord injury, and brain injury:

-    Consult with your doctor to rule out any potential spinal fracture, spinal cord injury and brain injury.
-    Control your pain by taking prescribed pain killers or speak with your physiotherapist.
-    Wear cervical collar that is prescribed by your physician or physiotherapist
-    Do your prescribed exercises routinely and in a pain free range
-    Remove your cervical collar while doing exercises
-    Apply ice for the first 2 days, behind your neck and around shoulder, but not on the front part of your neck
-    You do not need complete rest, so try to be active as much as possible but do not tire yourself out and do not do any vigorous activities
-    Avoid all overhead activities and vigorous exercises
-    Be aware of your posture and try to keep it proper
-    Use appropriate pillows to be as comfortable as possible
-    Contact your physician if you feel any of the following:
        Dizziness with or without vomiting /nausea
        Diplopia (Vision problem)
        Dysphonia (Voice disorder)
        Dysphasia (language disorder)
        Dysphagia (Swallowing problem)

Lifestyle modification in people with Respiratory disease:
-    Quit smoking
-    Avoid or decrease vigorous activities
-    Avoid allergens
-    Pacing daily living activities
-    Learn energy conversation techniques
-    Incorporate breathing exercises and pursed lip breathing on a daily basis
-    Keep doing careful aerobic exercises

what must be done to overcome shortness of breath:
1.    Stop activities
2.    Take a relaxed position:
                    Foot contact with floor
                    Sitting on a chair
                    Pillow on legs
                    Support forearms on pillow
                    Lean forward and relax shoulders

3.    Perform pursed lip breathing:
Breath in through the nose with the count of 2 and breath out slowly through the pursed lip with the count of 4

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